“Concealed Carry” Course – $175.00

This course consists of a three (3) hours classroom and (1) hour firearms training.


Class Room Location: 5318 Railroad Ave, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Pistol Range Location:    Dead Center,  1759 Buford Hwy NE   Buford, Ga 30518

***Due to Range safety requirements we will not be able to practice drawing at the firing range. GAFASTA has an all day “Intermediate” course given monthly at our Outdoor range where we draw from the holster. Please contact Chief@gafasta.com with any questions.

Price Per Student: $175.00

Prerequisite: Students must have a valid Georgia Weapons Carry License to enroll in this course of instruction.

Supplies you need to bring for training:

5 snap caps, Concealed holster/handbag or purse, Firearm, 2 magazines, 200 rounds of ammo – NO AMMO IN THE CLASSROOM…only bring to range!

 Email Chief@gafasta.com to get your class scheduled!

About this Course

The course of instruction is designed for students interested in learning the basic skills, knowledge and attitude in safely handling a pistol while carrying a firearm for personal defense.  Rodney Smith “Chief” is US Navy Retired, Law Enforcement, and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Training Counselor.  He is also State P.O.S.T. certified to train Law Enforcement and Armed Security Guards/Private Detectives.

Students will learn Basic Pistol Safety including grip, stance, sight picture, loading, unloading, tactical/combat magazine changes, malfunction drills with snap caps, drawing drills and techniques.

 Students will also learn:

Use of Deadly Force as per O.C.G.A. 16-3-21,

Georgia Carry Laws and Reciprocity

In the Classroom

  • Feature One
  • Feature Two
  • Feature Three


On the Range

Combat and Tactical reloading

Malfunction Drills

Trigger Reset

Mozambique/failure drill

  • Feature One
  • Feature Two
  • Feature Three
Get trained on Use of Deadly Force and Georgia Carry Laws now!