GAFASTA’s Advanced Firearms Course – Level 1

Pricing based on Attendee/s

GAFASTA Basic, Intermediate and Advanced 2017 Pricing:

*Option 1 – (Just You) “New” GAFASTA Student price is $150.00 for the “basic” class

*Option 2 – (Bring a friend) “2” Students and the price is $120.00 per student for “any” class

*Option 3 – (Bring 2 friends) “3” Students and the price is $110.00 per student for “any” class

*Returning GAFASTA Student – $125.00 for “any” class or if you bring a friend/friends options “2” or “3” apply

*NOTE: Please pay via our “SHOP” page to avoid a $5.00 adder!



About GAFASTA’s Advanced Level “1” Course

This course of instruction is designed for shooters that have successfully completed the Intermediate Firearms training class.  Students will participate in a final practical shooting test.

These classes are designed for students interested in “Personal Protection” and “Personal Carry”

You will also learn defense tactics including but not limited to:

  • Review of topics covered in Basic and Intermediate courses.
  • Off-axis shooting positions including (Supine and Prone)
  • Shooting with a Flashlight
  • Timed Drills

  • Georgia Weapons Carry License
  • 400 Rounds
  • Ear and Eye Protection (ear plugs and muffs)
  • Belted Holster (no inside the pants holster)
  • 10 snap caps
  • Thumb operated flashlight that you can grip one handed
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